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About Me.

Allow me to introduce myself as Clyde Ashley Parker, a proud Native American and the creative force behind "LORD INFINIT3," an esteemed brand under the umbrella of INFINIT3 PRODUCTIONS LLC. Drawing from my rich cultural heritage, I am deeply committed to creating timeless music that resonates with audiences today and will continue to captivate listeners for generations to come.

With a strong foundation built upon values such as achievement, integrity, and speed, I bring a unique perspective to my work. Having collaborated with talented individuals across the globe, from South Africa to the United Kingdom and back to the United States, my creative journey has been enriched by diverse experiences and global influences.

While I have had the privilege of traversing the world, it is in Washington state, where I have called home for the past 15 years, that I have found solace and inspiration. Nestled within this beautiful region, my passion for bringing projects to life burns brightly, and I am committed to making astute choices that present them in the best possible light.

If my artistic vision and dedication resonate with your own, I invite you to visit my contact page. Together, we can embark on a collaborative journey to bring your projects to life, blending my Native American heritage with my expertise in music production.

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